Welcome to “Beyond Your Big Break”!

This course will give you systems, strategies, and skills to embark on a powerful journey of transformation and self discovery, informing you with practical knowledge, equipping you with proven systems, and empowering you with a healthy mindset! 

Our desire is for you to be a force for hope, good, and transformation in the internal culture of classical music. We believe education is an important part of changing any culture for the better. So let’s get started!

Week 1: We teach you how to properly set an “actionable goal”, and how Norman used our 8 step system to conquer his fears on stage.

Week 2: We give you a vocal road map to take the mystery out of choosing your repertoire using our 2 Guiding Principles and 6 Vocal Perspectives.

Week 3: We give you our 8 step practice system and teach you how to determine your personal learning style to optimize your practice sessions.

Week 4: We teach you how to create the perfect aria package based on our experiences with casting directors, as well as how to pick your opening aria for auditions and competitions.

Week 5: We teach you how to evaluate and execute professional auditions to have a good experience and get booked for jobs.

Week 6: We tell you about the "start up" costs of being a professional singer, the purpose of every business, and how we can transform our mindset to learn from other successful business models.

Week 7: Is all about YAPS! We talk about Norman's experience at the HGO Opera studio, as well as how to build your own YAP program to fill in any knowledge gaps pre-career.

Week 8: To succeed in the music business, you need a sound mind. In our final unit, we teach you about mental toughness, and the 7 characteristics we had to develop to withstand the pressures and realities of becoming a full-time professional singer.

This course is mean first and foremost to be FUN and done at your own pace! All you need is a pen, notebook, and enthusiasm! We will be holding weekly lives to answer any questions you may have about the course material and we would love to answer your questions!

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